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Re-calculating Route….

[click photo for new direction]



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Hello blog community.
Happy Sunday to ya!

Sunday’s are never ever long enough for my liking…

but I’ll just have to make cupcakes and lemonade on another day.

Just a tiny bit excited for a normal week.. non holiday related.. and to get back on my ‘house cleaning’ schedule.
plus i bought a mop today.
cant wait to mop my floors!

I’ve learned how to make myself do things i dont like to do…
i just have to buy something new or cute to inspire myself.
(ie being excited about mopping) ย or excited to do laundry with a new smelling detergent… or to wash my hands anytime i walk by the guest bathroom.. bc the new soap in there is delish!!!
Same with waking up early..
if i have some new coffee.. or creamer.. or even a new bowl to put cereal in… i jump out of bed in the mornings…
(maybe im exaggerating about the whole jumping part… but you get the picture)

This sunday consisted of Church, a birthday party with friends and enchiladas! blowing bubbles with luke…. and a trip to bed bath and beyond… (got the mop and a cute rug to cover up New Years eve stains on our carpet ๐Ÿ™‚
hate to say i was lazy and made hamburger helper for husband & friend ย but now its football time for the boy(s) and im going to curl up in bed and watch netflix til my bed time ๐Ÿ™‚


Thursday: Tree’s and gifts

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Tryin to get crafty this year.
Tryin to save money.

:: home-made cards

:: brown gift-wrap from value-village ๐Ÿ™‚

:: polaroid pictures / and ‘left over’ wedding bow Ornaments

a merry merry time of year!!!

Hope you get all of your shopping done in time!
i have a few more to get… but im not sweatin’ it.
xmas movies tomorrow!
i love thursdays




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Luke’s playing rock band.
we just got it for ourselves…. [early christmas present.]
my throat hurts from singing gwen stefani… so im taking a little break ๐Ÿ™‚

i just need to share a few eye pleasing and inspiring things.


(heres looking at me kid)

(fanciful design)


Christmas from the Hill’s

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Merry Christmas folks!

its such a cozy time of year! i love it.

avent put up xmas lights yet…. so im using them as a desk lamp for now..

Last Week me and the ladies went to a christmas tree farm… collected scraps and made our own decorations ๐Ÿ™‚
c’mon! the recessionnnn right?
actually.. we all got jobs.
we just cheap.

I have lots to do before the holiday!

im staying busy at work.. ย and home.

Public Radio show this thursday at the Visualite.

Hopefully we will take our xmas photos this week!
til’ then…



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Luke was in Costa Rica for 1 whole week!!!
my lip spent the majority of that week.. puckered out..:

When i wasnt being a baby about missing my baby…
i made use of my time by finally hanging things up in our house..
trying to make it a home ๐Ÿ™‚

Luke came home Late Wednesday… and we spent the whole day together on Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚

it was good.


Tonight i was craving Quiche. .. which still surprises me sometimes… i hated quiche with all of my might as a child.. and around the age of 15 it became one of my favorite foods.

PLUS ive been dying to use my new quiche dish from Crate and Barrel… so … Trash-Can Quiche was for din.

i dont think ive ever made quiche… ive probably assisted my mom before.. but this was a first time.. solo…
i kindof just threw stuff in there.. (hints the name trashcan-quiche)

Poured some milk
Poured some half/half
wads of cheese… veggies… salsa.. more cheese… s&p… nutmeg.. Eggs of course..
Fit perfect!
and was tastey!

friends/bridesmaids/bride at Amelie’s

This morning luke made breakfast… (one eyed jacks with baby sausages!)
He also packed my lunch.. which included.. pb sandwich, chips, organic fruitchew, can of nuts, bag of oatmeal, and a lemonade! hahah all stuffed into a victoria’s secret bag. hahah

what a sweetheart.


so here are 2 more etsy’s to add to the list of loves:

love this! they are all sold seperately.. but loved the colection of them around her neck! i’d wear them like this..

(The black spot books)

And this!


I’m having luke build us one of those! so cool!

Anyways.. hope this week is filled with inspiration and encouragement..
for us all!

Happy thanksgiving!

from our corner in Charlotte!